Our clinic embraces the holistic approach to pet health and wellness. We balance traditional medicine with acupuncture, electromagnetic diagnostics and treatments, massage, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, IVIVI / Assisi Electroceutical Therapies, and Kangen alkaline water.

What is Kangen Water? It is alkaline antioxidant water that has many remarkable health benefits.

Why and How does it work? Kangen Water system allows living water to easily enter the body at the cellular level. The ionization process allows the water molecules to be the right size to easily enter the cells. It provides a negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) which is the gaining of electrons thus providing a negative charge. When you lose electrons and establish a negative ORP, this provides an anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effect. The small water molecules (5-6 microclusters versus 20 or more) allows the water to easily enter the cells which provides optimal hydration. Acidic water is the perfect pH state for disease states (weather example is “acid rain”).

Alkaline antioxidant water alkalinizes our metabolism, not our blood pH. Toxins and metabolites from stress, our diets and other causes including cancer cause our metabolic pH to be acidic and unbalanced.

Cells that are not well hydrated with the correct metabolic pH begin to oxidize and mutate. Mutation is what leads to cancer and most other disease processes. All disease conditions have an inflammation component. Kangen Water is an alkaline anti-oxidizing water that reduces inflammation.

Water is the foundation of life. All animals are made up of 90% water, therefore consuming healthy water that is alkaline, small microclusters, and is ionized with a negative ORP is essential for ideal health. Drinking Kangen Water is the fastest way to positively impact health and eradicate inflammation and disease.

Kangen Water is recommended as the best drinking water available for all pets and people. It has been used for many health conditions and needs including weight loss, dermatitis including psoriasis and eczema, allergies, anxiety and depression, dementia, improve athletic performance and increase stamina, prostate, GI upset from acid reflux to chronic inflammatory disease, diabetes, kidney and liver failure, muscle diseases / cramps, arthritis, joint trauma, gout, high cholesterol, various cancers including GI, throat, brain, breast, and prostate, paralysis, chemo toxicity, wound healing, reduction of medication needs, improved mental clarity, and more.

People and pets should drink water at the rate of 2/3 of their body weight per day in ounces. For example 150 pound individual should drink approximately 100 ounces of water per day which is around 3 liters or quarts per day.

Kangen alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines are manufactured in Japan by Enagic, International. For more information about these machines you can visit their website at www.enagic.com. They are only sold through a distributor. Dr. Burr is a distributor and you can place an order by contacting Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital at (706) 896-1244 for his distributor number, the form needed to place the order, and to answer any questions you might have.